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Our Committee

strive to conserve the essence of the park, whilst improving its cleanliness and functionality.
In short, we want to make it the best possible place for YOU, the community!

For years, long time regulars have been contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of the park. Monica Perrin and the late Jannie Hasnoot are two such regulars who have been active for many years doing whatever needed to be done to keep the park clean and safe.

2008 - Finally, long time thoughts and plans to form an official body came together. Mike Bosazza was elected Chairman. Read our constitution

What do we do?

  • FDWP employs “Straatwerk”, an organisation who employ homeless people to work and earn a small living, to clean the park once a week.

  • Poo bags are provided to keep the park clean.

  • We ensure the pond is cleaned regularly and the water changed and make sure that benches, tables and the swings, slide and jungle gym are well maintained and painted.
  • We pay an attendant to keep toilets open after hours for your convenience.

FDWP liaise closely with the Cape Town City Council under whose jurisdiction the park falls. Council are appreciative of the work done by the Friends.

Friends of De Waal Park / Standard Bank – Thibault Square Branch / Account No.: 070 125 481 / Branch code: 051 001